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The Milwaukee Celiac Sprue Crew
This is the local support group for SE Wisconsin and they also have some members from northern Illinois. 
They meet in September, November, February & April, usually the 3rd Saturday of the month at 1:30. In recent years they've held their meetings at the VA Medical Center
This group has been in existence since 1982. They are a chapter of CSA/USA. 
For more information contact Bev Lieven, MCSC
Address: 8069 N. Sherman Blvd., Brown Deer, WI 53209
Phone: (414) 354-2354
Email: milcs@aol.com 
or contact Stan Dzioba at (414) 476-0166
The Milwaukee Celiac Sprue Crew has a new member packet which gives basic information that is tailored for the local area.  Meetings are announced in their newsletter. The newsletter is a mix of recipes, product news and other information that is designed to aid others in their gluten-free lifestyles. Their programs are usually informal and give members, especially new ones, time to ask questions and to meet other celiacs.  They ALWAYS have refreshments, gluten-free. of course. There is also an outing during the summer--this year's was a potluck picnic in June. They provide plenty of opportunity for interaction with other celiacs. Bev Lieven says that a gluten-free diet can be very isolating because so much of life revolves around food. One of the biggest benefits of joining the group is meeting others with the same concerns. 
The Milwaukee Celiac Sprue Crew handles new and ongoing celiac education. The group asks a $5 donation to help defray the cost of their member packets, and membership in the Crew is $10.
This group has done some great things, in May of this years they conducted a blood screening for the University of Maryland and collected 171 samples from members and their families. Another 20+2 samples were sent later and they are now anxious awaiting the results. 
This is a group that is eager to help others. If the group is not close enough for you, they will refer you to other groups in the Wisconsin area. Bev Lieven can tell you about support groups in Appleton, Madison, LaCrosse, and north-central Wisconsin (near Marshfield), as well as one in Rockfield, IL for those living closer to that city.