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All the books listed below were written specially for the gluten-free diet.


The Gluten Free Gourmet: Living Well Without Wheat
by Bette Hagman, Eugene Winkelman (Designer)

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Amazon Price: $18.00
Paperback Rep edition (September 1991)
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Betty Hagman is to the gluten-free cook what Betty Crocker is to other cooks. Everybody on the gluten-free diet should have at least one of her cookbooks in their kitchen. If you have a relative with Celiac Disease, surprise them by using one of the recipes to make a gourmet treat that they can eat.

Customer Comments:
"It's my bible for gluten free cooking!! When my husband was first diagnosed with Celiac-DH I bought this book to try to make some of the baked goodies we had been so accustomed to eating. The recipes are easy to follow, contain ingredients available at any health food store and taste as close to the "real thing" as can be possible. The selection of recipes cover every taste and lifestyle. She also gives tips for making up gluten free packages of all the little convenience food items we take for granted in the grocery store. A must for anyone cooking for a Celiac."


The Gluten-Free Gourmet Cooks Fast and Healthy : Wheat-Free With Less Fuss and Fat
by Bette Hagman

List Price: $18.00
Amazon Price: $14.40
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Paperback - 416 pages (June 2000)
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Customer Comments:
"Excellent, could not live without it. My husband has been wheat intollerant for about 4 years now and your books have saved us."