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This food list was compiled from gluten-free product lists provided by the manufacturers. Below each manufacturer's name you will see the date on which the gluten-free product list was mailed. This date will tell you how recently the list was sent to us, but the list that we received may have been compiled months before it was sent out. Please remember that the formulation of food products can change at any time and that the Gluten-Free InfoWeb Food List is not a substitute for reading the ingredient statement on products.

The food list is intended as a starting point for people who are searching for food products that might be gluten-free. It should not be used as  the final determination as to whether a product is gluten-free. There are bound to be inaccuracies because product ingredients change all the time, the information may be out of date, and the manufacturer may believe the product is gluten-free when it is not. Once you have found a product on the list that you wish to buy, please contact the manufacturer yourself to verify that the product is gluten-free. You will find contact information for each manufacturer by clicking the "Manufacturer Addresses" button in the far left side panel.

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