Canned Vegetables: Gluten-free list

Del Monte
Gluten-free information on 7/23/2009 from the FAQ page of the Del Monte Foods website (

Question: Which Del Monte Foods Consumer Products are Gluten-free?
Answer: The list below includes current Del Monte consumer products that, to the best of our knowledge, do not contain wheat, oats, rye or barley/malt ingredients. The list may change or may not be complete due to formula changes or new product introductions. It's always best to read the ingredient statement on the label for the most current information.

Del Monte Gluten-Free Products:

Fresh Vegetables

Gluten-free information coming soon.

Fresh vegetables are gluten-free unless they have been coated with a gluten-containing substance in order to extend the shelf-life of the vegetable. We are investigating which pre-cut fresh vegetables are coated with a preservative that may contain gluten and we will be posting the information on this website when we have completed our research.

Frozen Vegetables: Gluten-free list

General Mills
Gluten-free information obtained on 2/27/2010 from the General Mills Pocket Gluten-Free Product List.
Please note that the General Mills Gluten-Free List contained the following statements:
"List Updated on 2/9/2010"
"Look for the words Gluten Free on hundreds of products from General Mills."
"Our product formulas and ingredients may change, therefore the ingredient label on the package is always the best and most current information about our products. Please check the product ingredient list each time you purchase our products"

Valley Fresh Steamers™ gluten-free items: