Rice: Gluten-free list

MinuteŽ Rice (Riviana Foods Inc.)
Gluten-free list information from the Minute Rice Website on 3/11/2010:

White Rice gluten-free items:

Brown Rice gluten-free items:

Boil-in-Bag gluten-free items:

Premium gluten-free items:

MINUTE Ready to Serve Rice gluten-free items:

(Please note that the list of gluten-free MINUTE Rice does NOT include MINUTE Ready to Serve Pilaf Rice because it contains gluten. MINUTE Ready to Serve Pilaf Rice is NOT gluten-free and it should be avoided on the gluten-free diet.)

Rice Cakes

Message from the Gluten-free Info Webmaster: The food list for gluten-free Rice Cakes is in the process of being updated. New information will be put onto this section of the Gluten-Free Info Website as soon as we have completed our food list information.