Instant Breakfasts: Gluten-free list

Please note that Ready-To-Drink Carnation Instant Breakfast should be avoided on the gluten-free diet because it contains barley and barley is not allowed on the gluten-free diet. This product is NOT gluten-free.

Here is the statement on their website on 6/6/2009 which states that there is barley gluten in the product and that it is therefore NOT gluten-free (

Question: “Do CARNATION® INSTANT BREAKFAST ESSENTIALS™ products contain gluten?”
Answer: “The flavorings used in CARNATION® INSTANT BREAKFAST ESSENTIALS™ Ready-To-Drink contain barley extracts, which contribute less than 1 part per million of barley gluten in the final product. We have recently added a statement to the label indicating the existence of barley in these products. The products have not changed, but, as a service to our consumers, we chose to disclose all sources of gluten. The degree of sensitivity to gluten varies among individuals, please discuss with your physician if you have concerns.
For our Powders, the only variety containing gluten is Classic Chocolate Malt, which has wheat flour and barley extracts. All other Powder varieties do not contain gluten.”