Universal Foods Corporation

Red Star Yeast & Products
A Division of Universal Foods Corporation
P.O. Box 737
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201-0737

Phone: (800) 445-4746

Their Red Star Yeast division sent a letter on 3/26/99 which said the following about Red Star Yeast: "Please be assured our yeast products are gluten free."



X, Y, Z

Yoplait-Colombo Yogurt

General Mills
Yoplait-Colombo Division
P.O. Box 1113
Minneapolis, MN 55440

Phone: (612) 540-2311
Fax: (612) 541-5000

Sent letter dated 4/9/99, which included the following statements:
"Our Yoplait and Colombo yogurt products are gluten-free, defined as not containing wheat, barley, rye, oats or any gluten-containing ingredients derived from these grains.   The only exceptions are for those yogurts that also have a crunchy granola or graham cracker topping, since these toppings DO contain gluten."