McCormick & Company, Inc.

McCormick/Schilling Division
Consumer Affairs Department
211 Schilling Circle
Hunt Valley, MD 21031-1100

Phone: (410) 527-6000 or (800) 632-5847
Fax: (410) 527-6267
Web Site: http://www.mccormick.com

Sent a letter dated 8/11/00 which stated the following:
"We are aware of special allergies and intolerances to certain ingredients such as the following: 
Tree nuts
Soy proteins
Wheat proteins
Red Pepper
Yellow No. 5 & 6
As a responsible food company, McCormick follows the U.S. Food Drug & Cosmetic Act regulations to ensure consumer safety concerning food allergens. We declare these ingredients on our label in the ingredient statement. Federal regulations require us to list sulfites if they are over 10 parts per million, so we use that as our label declaration limit. Because we are constantly improving our products, we encourage you to read the ingredient statement on our packages at the time of your purchase.
Pure spices and herbs do not contain allergenic ingredients. The only ingredient present is the original spice or herb to which nothing has been added.
If no ingredient statement appears on the label, the product does not contain any added ingredients, preservatives or chemical additives. For example, Cinnamon does not have an ingredient statement because the only ingredient present is cinnamon. No other ingredients have been added.
In addition, we follow good manufacturing practices at our plants. Our employees are trained in the importance of correct labeling and the necessity of performing thorough equipment wash-downs to eliminate cross-contact of ingredients.
Although we cannot guarantee our products to be 100% free of allergens not listed on the label, we want you to know that we take this situation seriously and have taken extra precautions to eliminate the possibility of mislabeling or cross-contact.
We do not maintain a list of Gluten-free products because the ingredients in a product could change at any time and the most up-to-date and accurate information would be contained in our ingredient statements. However, we will be happy to verify any information by calling 1-800-632-5847.

McIlhenny Company

(Manufacturers of Tabasco Brand Products)

Avery Island, Louisiana 70513

Phone: (318) 365-8173

Sent a letter dated 4/15/99 which included the following statements:
"Thank you for your interest in our products, TABASCO brand Pepper Sauce. We have had our finished products tested for gluten by the Food Allergy Research and Resource Program at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. According to the test results, TABASCO brand Pepper Sauce, TABASCO brand Green Pepper Sauce, TABASCO brand Habanero Sauce and TABASCO brand Garlic Pepper Sauce, can be considered gluten free. However, since the detection limit of the test is 0.016%, I suggest that you talk with your physician regarding this matter to make absolutely sure that our products are safe to be consumed by those allergic to gluten."
Enclosed with the letter was a copy of the test results summary that they had received from the Research Analyst at the University of Nebraska Lincoln (dated August 25, 1998).

The Minute Maid Company

(Owned by the Coca-Cola Company.) 

The Minute Maid Company
Consumer Affairs Department
P.O. Box 2079
Houston, TX 77252

Phone: (800) 888-6488 

Does not provide a gluten-free product list, however, in a letter from the Coca-Cola Company dated 5/30/00 their Consumer Affairs Specialist stated the following: "all of the products of the Coca-Cola Company in the U.S. and Canada are gluten-free." Enclosed with the letter was a list of major products of the Coca Cola Company and of The Minute Maid Company. 


Nestlé USA

Consumer Services Center
P.O. Box 96383
Phoenix, AZ 85093

Phone: (800) 225-2270
Their hours for questions are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern time. Most consumer response centers are not open for that many hours.

Provides gluten-free product list of some of their products.

Newman's Own

c/o Shuster Laboratories, Inc (800) 444-8705

Shuster Laboratories, Inc. is a technical consulting organization retained by Newman's Own, Inc. to provide technical and quality assurance services.

Shuster Laboratories provided a letter listing which of Newman's Own products are gluten-free. In addition, the letter included the following comments:

" The gluten containing status of Newman's Own Salad Dressings and Newman's Own Bandito Salsas (all varieties) is uncertain because these products contain distilled vinegar which is typically produced from grains such as wheat.

We consider the following Newman's Own products to contain gluten:

-Newman's Own Organics Pretzels (all Types)
    -Organic unbleached wheat flour
-Newman's Own Organics Milk Chocolate and Crisped Rice Milk Chocolate
    -Organic barley malt extract

We would consider these products unacceptable on a gluten-free diet."

The NutraSweet Company

Box 2986
Chicago, Illinois 60654-0986

Phone: (800) 323-5316
Website: http://www.equal.com

Sent a letter dated 4/12/99 which included the following statements:
"NutraSweet is the NutraSweet Company's brand name for the sweetening ingredient aspartame.  Aspartame is made of the two amino acids, aspartic acid and phenylalanine (as the methyl ester).  People consume these same components in much larger amounts from other food sources, such as milk, meat, fruits and vegetables. The body handles these components the same regardless of their source."
"Although NutraSweet is a protein, composed of the two amino acids aspartic acid and phenylalanine, it bears no resemblance, chemically or functionally to gluten.   Additionally, our tabletop sweeteners Equal and NutraSweet Spoonful do not contain gluten.  These products are sweetened with NutraSweet and bulked with corn-derived dextrose and maltodextrin. The NutraSweet Company recommends persons following modified diets consult with their health care professional on the use of products sweetened with NutraSweet."


Oscar Mayer

P.O. Box 7188
Madison, WI 53707

Provides gluten-free product list.


Dr. Pepper/Seven Up, Inc.

P.O. Box 869077
Plano, Texas 75086-9077

Phone: (972) 673-7000

Provided a letter listing their gluten-free products. The letter included the following statement: "Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc., produces the flavoring concentrate from which our soft drinks are made."

Pepsi-Cola Company

1 Pepsi Way
Somers, New York 10589-2201

Sent letter dated 5/11/99 which stated the following:
"Thank you for taking the time to contact us here at Pepsi-Cola Company, regarding the possible presence of gluten in our soft drinks and or ingredients and or processing and packaging materials.
There is no gluten in any soft drink produced by Pepsi-Cola Company in North America. Although high fructose corn syrup is derived from corn, the technology used in making this sweetener completely removes the protein fractions leaving no residuals in the finished sweetener.
Likewise, we use modified corn starch which is 95% pure. Any allergen normally associated with corn starch would be removed during processing. Brominated Vegetable Oil (BVO) is used in our fruit flavored beverages, such as Mountain Dew, Slice and Mirinda. BVO is derived from soybean oil that has been modified in order to stabilize the flavoring oils in the beverage. Our purified vegetable gum is gum arabic, obtained from the acacia tree."