Edy's Grand Ice Cream

5929 College Avenue
Oakland, California 94618-1391

Phone: (888) 590-3397 (This is a toll free number)

Provides a gluten-free product list.

Along with the gluten-free product list, I received a letter dated March 22, 2000 which included the following statement: "As a general rule, any gluten in any of our ice cream, frozen yogurt or novelty products is present only in added bakery products such as cookies or shortcake. The ice cream itself contains no gluten. The modified food starch that you may find listed in the ingredients is derived from corn and is, therefore, gluten-free. In addition, all of our Whole Fruit Sorbet line and all of our Fruit Bars are gluten-free."


Fresh Express, Incorporated

Consumer Services
Fresh Express, Incorporated
P.O. Box 80599
Salinas, CA 93912

Phone: (800) 242-5472
Fax: (408) 751-7480
Website: www.freshexpress.com

Sent letter dated 10/27/00 which included the following statement: "We do not have specific data on gluten content but our plain salads do not contain wheat, oats, barley, rye, emulsifiers or spices. However, our salad kits, which include accouterments such as dressing, croutons or chips, could contain gluten or gluten additives."

Frito-Lay Inc.

Consumer Affairs
P.O. Box 660634
Dallas, TX 75266-0634

Phone: (800) 352-4477

Provide a gluten-free product list. The following is printed at the bottom of their list: "The above products do not contain gluten. They are produced on the same line as our products that do contain gluten. The lines are washed between batches. However, a slight residue may remain on the line. Individuals who are extremely sensitive may be affected."


General Mills Consumer Services (Yoplait-Colombo Division)

General Mills
P.O. Box 1113
Minneapolis, MN 55440

Phone: (612) 540-2311
Fax: (612) 541-5000

Sent a letter dated 5/12/99 which included the following statements:
"Our Yoplait and Colombo yogurt products are gluten-free, defined as not containing wheat, barley, rye, oats or any gluten-containing ingredients derived from these grains.   The only exceptions are for those yogurts that also have a crunchy granola or graham cracker topping, since these toppings DO contain gluten."


445 State Street
Fremont, Michigan 49413-0001

Phone: (800) 4-GERBER

Provides gluten-free product list.

Great Agra Foods

2422 Fox Hollow
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Phone: (412) 368-0557
Fax: (412) 368-0811

Provides gluten-free product list


The Hain Food Group

Natural Food Division
255 West Carob Street
Compton, California 90220

Phone: (310) 886-8200
Consumer Respose Line: (800) 776-1276 Ext. 112
Fax: (310) 886-8219

Provides gluten-free product list

Hanover Foods Corporation

P.O. Box 334
Hanover, PA 17331-0334

Phone: (717) 632-6000
Fax: (717) 632-6681

Provides gluten-free product list

Health Valley

16007 Camino De La Cantera
Irwindale, CA 91706-7811

Phone: (626) 334-3241

Provides gluten-free product list.

Hillshire Farm & Kahn's
(Division of Sara Lee Corporation)

3241 Spring Grove Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45225

Phone: (513) 541-4000

Hunt Wesson, Inc.

P.O. Box 4800
Fullerton, CA 92834-4800

Phone: (714) 680-1431

They sent a letter dated 5/4/99 which said that they are in the process of updating their Food Sensitivities pamphlet. This pamphlet will include information about the gluten content of their products. The pamphlet is not available at present but it will be available in the future.